Business Development and Management Company
Growth through Assessment and Evaluation

Rates & Services

DETA, LLC's fee structure is linked to the scope of service requested from its clients, and payable as a fixed monthly fee or an hourly fee based on the use of required staff and resources.As an organizational development and management company we will assist you in identifying only the services you need and take pride in supporting you in lowering your overhead expenses while improving your overall systems and services.   Whether it is  full-service or just outsourcing a portion of your project, we can provide exemplary services for you.   

Management Services

Our Executive Management Team is capable of integrating daily to monthly financial services and reports, project management, customer services, strategic planning, and membership support, all under the umbrella of evaluation, continual assessment and accountability.  Not only do we hold Master's degrees in Management, but we have years of hands on experience crucial to delivering outcomes that lead to your success.  DETA wants to be part of your management team.  

 organizational Development, Coaching & Training

Organizational Development is the seed from which actions begin to grow, succeed and gain optimal performance.  In its purest form, it is always growing and never stagnant. It is continually driven to search for the missing or weakest link to build a strong and sustainable platform. Many businesses and small organizations fail to run at their optimal speed because they either don't have the time or they completely underestimate the weakest link. A long time client once said" you have helped to make our organization run like a fine Swiss clock".  For us the compliments do not get much better than that! Let us put philosophy to actions and let us strive to give you the optimal performance.

Coaching, Training or Research.....Stuck?  Need a little creative spark to bring those creative ideas to life.  Do you need someone to play  "Devils Advocate " in order to work out those options and make changes, or confused as to how the parts of your business or organization must be interdependent, but stand on their own at the same time?  Working outside your comfort zone in order to bring new life to old ways can bring just the success you need.  We bring energy, creativity and learning to the table and we aren't ashamed to say it!! 

Association and Membership Services

DETA breathes exceptional customer service.    From fielding calls, to maintaining annual memberships and database Information, to daily accounting procedures and reporting, newsletter distribution, retail sales operations, as well as, project development and program management  design and support, DETA can customize services to fit your organization’s needs. Our goal is not only to meet and exceed the expectations and needs of our clients, but to offer creative options to benefit the organization in its use of valuable resources, as well as, streamline overall operational systems.

DETA’s 20 plus years of experience within the service industry provides a strong base to understand the unique challenges and requirements needed to maintain and support Membership and Association organizations.  Many management companies can offer technical skills, but lack the essential components of "soft skill" development. Not only does DETA offer exemplary technical skills, but we are committed to the "soft skills" needed to build strong relationships with your members and those seeking information and materials about your organization. 


data collection and database input for investigator-conducted research

Through telephone-based interviews, DETA offers collection of research data for institutions and research centers both at the national and international level through its call center.  For example, DETA is currently the data collector for treatment model adherence with numerous Multi-systemic Therapy programs.  While working closely with those conducting outside investigator-conducted research, DETA has designed a collection system that not only provides a high collection rate while ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the work.  DETA is committed to providing a flexible environment that will accommodate the individual needs of each of its clients.

e-commerce - distribution services

The DETA Management Team has a long history of retail service.  From inventory, purchasing, direct customer service, communications, vendor negotiations, quality control,  financial records, budgets, and projections, we are interested in being part of your e-commerce business.